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About us

Euralis is an agricultural cooperative group, an enterprise governed and owned by farmers. It aims to collect and process the production of its members and therefore contributes to the local economy by creating numerous direct and indirect jobs and by promoting healthy and sustainable agriculture.

Our Purpose


You can discover our Purpose with this video.

Euralis Group our identity

Our vocations


Vocation 1

Contribute to sustainable food farming that is close to our regions, varied, healthy and affordable to all, helping farmers to increase their income.


Vocation 2

Build innovative solutions, approaches and products together that meet social, environmental and economic challenges.


Vocation 3

Act with a strong approach to renewable energy production and reducing the carbon emissions of our operations.


Our values

We cultivate PROXIMITY in our humain relations.


We show OPENNESS and know how to challenge ourselves, innovating in order to lead the way.


We act RESPONSIBLY by demonstrating high standards and reliability in our decisions and actions.


We rely on SIMPLICITY to promote the contribution of each person and develop efficiency.

Why join Euralis ?

Joining the Euralis cooperative group means seizing the opportunity to :

Commit yourself alongside our members to sustainable and multifaceted agriculture and healthy, safe food :
  • A leading cooperative group integrated from upstream to downstream operations, anchored in its territory, which has managed to export its know-how and products
  • A cooperative group that has chosen to focus on sectors and offers a comprehensive range of advice and services to farmers
  • A cooperative group which, since 2012, has developed short distribution channels via its Table des Producteurs departments, thus ensuring outlets for the 500 or so members whose products are listed on food shelves
Take part in an innovation dynamic :
  • Partnerships, some of which are exclusive, with innovative start-ups in the heart of our regions: Weather Measures, Elicit Plant, UV Boosting, etc.
  • Contribution to the national SYPPRE project: Euralis collaborates in these prospective platforms, which aim to develop the cropping systems of the future by combining agronomy and ecology in a sustainable development approach
  • Participation in the creation of INOLEA, a company specialising in plant genetics and genomics research
Live an exciting human experience :
  • A Group in transformation which fosters a real collective dynamic and emulation in the teams, offering opportunities for development and mobility
  • A wide diversity of activities: bakers, grain traders, data scientists, agricultural engineers, etc.
Develop your potential :
  • A training offer accessible from our website Euralis Campus
  • Facilitated mobility via the portal for the dissemination of internal opportunities
  • Personalised support from your managers with, among other things, an annual interview that includes the professional interview (career development/projection, mobility, etc.)
Take action for a better world :
  • A strong commitment to animal welfare
  • Determination to limit our impact on global warming by reducing our CO2 emissions through energy saving, sustainable mobility, circular economy, etc.
  • A desire to provide consumers with healthy, high-quality food products, most often certified.

Our professions

With nearly 5,300 employees, Euralis is an innovative and flexible cooperative group with an international reach.

It maintains a spirit of teamwork, solidarity and commitment with all its employees.
Euralis recruits women and men with diverse profiles who want to take part in a unique human adventure.

Euralis boasts a wealth of human capital, promotes internal mobility and regularly recruits in many areas :

  • Sales/Marketing
  • Production/Supply Chain
  • R&D
  • Agronomy
  • Photovoltaic and agrivoltaic project manager : Eurasolis
  • Support (information systems, HR, communications, finance, CSR, etc.)
  • Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ)

Offers are available in the different activities of the Group :

Our commitments

Euralis is committed to the fight for gender equality.

Women make up 43% of its workforce, a figure that has been stable for several years. At Euralis, indexes show us that women and men have the same chances of getting raises or promotions.

Health and safety is a core concern for the Group

That’s why each Activity and entity has an ambitious, preventative policy to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment. For Seed Activities, for instance, the “Safety First” approach was implemented based on the 10 Golden Rules of Safety to provide a solid, common basis of prevention measures for the teams.

Our CSR approaches
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