Our governance instances

The Euralis cooperative was created by farmers

and currently boasts 5,625 members. They are represented by the Board of Directors, comprising 23 farmers.


Farmers to
the governing bodies

Becoming a member of the Euralis cooperative involves signing up to shares that make up the cooperative’s capital. These shares can be paid out as dividends or annual interest. Depending on the cooperative’s financial results, members can benefit from discounts on supplies.

Governing bodies

Euralis group - GOVERNING BODIES

There are six regional commissions: 




Gave Océan


North Aquitaine

Members share and influence the cooperative’s strategic activities via these governing bodies.

By becoming a cooperative member, all farmers have the opportunity to express themselves and defend their own interests.

Becoming a member also means simply sharing your daily activities with your peers.

For more information about the Agricultural Division’s Board of Directors