Work at Euralis

Work at Euralis

Your world of work 

Euralis is constantly adapting to changes in working methods. Therefore, the tools available to employees in the workplace are regularly updated. 

Collaborative tools

provided to teams, farmers, partners and customers to support group efficiency, both on-site and remotely.

At your arrival

You will receive your welcome pack including the Ethics Chart.


Our commitments to global ethics

We are committed to respecting and ensuring respect for fundamental rights in all the countries where we operate, without exception.

For this reason and in accordance with the Sapin II law, Euralis rolled out, in France and internationally, an Ethics Chart and an external alert system.

Thus, Euralis has set up a set of references common to all the staff. It formalises the best practices in everyday workplace situations in terms of: 

  • Ethics and business integrity. E.g : prevent any situation of conflict of interest
  • Ethics  and integrity in the workplace. E.g : respect the dignity of the human person
  • Ethics and integrity as a corporate citizenship. E.g : meet the requirements and satisfaction of our consumers.