Euralis unveils its project for sustainable, varied, healthy and affordable agriculture and food

On Friday 3 September, more than 800 Euralis members, employees and partners gathered at the Zénith Concert Hall in Pau. The objective of the event was to share the commitments made by Euralis in favour of sustainable, varied, healthy and affordable agriculture and food.

A collective of people committed to regional development

A panel of experts introduced the event by recalling the strategic role of agriculture in economic, social and environmental terms.

«France is fortunate to be one of the very few exporting countries to have high-quality products that are coveted by the world’s middle classes. Cooperatives like Euralis are thus flagships of our economy and essential links in our sustainable development chain » highlighted Sylvie Brunel, geographer and former President of Action Against Hunger, who recently published Why Farmers Will Save the World (HarperCollins).

Euralis is a key regional player in France with 10,000 members and employees and generating 50,000 indirect and induced jobs.


Focusing on society, energy and feeding people

Euralis employees work every day to meet future agricultural and food challenges.

« Our collective ambition is to contribute to sustainable, varied, healthy and affordable agriculture and food. As such, we pursue three main missions. The first mission, that of feeding people, aims to offer high-quality agricultural and food products to as many people as possible while respecting their health and the environment and providing a source of income for our members. The second mission focuses on society. It consists of contributing to the economic vitality of our regions, protecting our environment and acting as a socially responsible company. The third mission, that of energy, will lead us to significantly develop our low-carbon energy production » explained Christophe Congues, President of Euralis.


Attention to markets and innovation as levers

To meet tomorrow’s agriculture and food challenges, Euralis is capitalising on listening to its markets and on innovation.

« In light of an increasingly complex and uncertain world, we are taking into account societal changes and consumer trends while ensuring the profitability of our activities. We meet these challenges through a continuous flow of innovation across all our activities: agricultural solutions in partnership with innovative start-ups, creating varieties resistant to water stress, developing additive-free recipes, etc. These innovations are accessible to as many people as possible: to the farmers we support, the food professionals we supply and, of course, to consumers » said Philippe Saux, CEO of Euralis.

Euralis's 3 main missisons