What measures have you taken to protect water resources?

The Adour-Garonne Water Agency and Euralis have had a lasting partnership over many years. They have worked together in implementing technical and financial measures to urge farmers to limit their use of input products in order to minimise their environmental impact, especially on underground water reserves. In the past, Euralis has been involved in several Regional Action Plans all over Southwest France, especially in Arbouts/Saint-Gein, Adour Amont and Gave de Pau, where it has been active for more than 10 years.

Since summer 2020, Euralis has participated in the “Payment for Environmental Services” initiative launched by the Adour-Garonne Water Agency. The aim is to assign aid to the best farms, ranked in terms of the environmental services they offer (protecting water quality and wetlands, preserving the soil, promoting biodiversity, etc.). Euralis is trialling these PES initiatives in Chalosse Tursan and Terres de Chalosse.

What are you doing in response to climate change?

For many years, Euralis has been strongly committed to researching new seed varieties that are resistant to water stress and therefore suited to changing conditions caused by climate change. Each new variety is tested both in the Western and Eastern Europe zones. Two hundred employees are involved, spread out over fifteen research stations. 30 million euros have been invested with 550,000 experimental microplots.