The Euralis General Meeting: review of activity and debate on decarbonation

The Euralis AGM was held on February 9.

The General Meeting is an important moment in  the life of Euralis. It took place in the presence of a large audience made up in particular of member farmers and section delegates.

The statutory part, including the presentation of the accounts and the voting of resolutions, gave way to a plenary session which was devoted to the subject of decarbonation.

The issue was introduced by Nelly Recrosio, Business Market Director in charge of the decarbonation of companies at EDF.

Then, several experts debated during a round table and discussed the different actions which are implemented around decarbonation in the agricultural sector and more particularly at Euralis:

  • Carole Lejeune, Carbon Manager at La Coopération Agricole
  • Olivier Tillous-Borde, Director of the Group’s Transformation and Strategic Development (Euralis)
  • Anne-Claire Richard, Marketing and Innovation Director –  Agricultural Activities (Euralis)
  • Céline Cauhapé, Customer Satisfaction Leader –  Lidea (Euralis).