Euralis takes part into the National Breast Awareness Month

To raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening and raise funds for research, Euralis increases initiatives. 

The Group has created a collection of donations on the web site of the French  League Against cancer and solidarity marches are organized for the employees of Lescar, Mondonville and Caussade. Participants are invited to make a donation on the collection and the cooperative will match the equivalent amount. Stalaven also got involved by offering a snack to the various walkers on the sites. In addition, the Point Vert stores, the foie gras shop (64) and MRS, the company restaurant service provider for Euralis (Lescar and Mondonville) donate part of their sales to associations fighting against cancer. Finally, Euralis supports the children’s stride during the women’s event in Pau (64) and the handball club in Lescar.