3 questions for Philippe Saux, CEO of the Euralis Group – CSR at the cooperative

What is Euralis’s CSR policy?
Officially implemented in 2015, our CSR policy falls within the Group’s strategy and cooperative values. We firmly believe that CSR is much more than a legal obligation. It feeds into all of our activities by enhancing performance and creating added value, which we are committed to sharing with our stakeholders. In practical terms, this initiative is reflected in a CSR policy centred around three ambitions: contributing to nourishing agriculture close to our regions, promoting sustainable, multifaceted, healthy and affordable agriculture that brings together consumers, citizens and farmers, and last but not least, being a socially responsible company. To meet these ambitions, we have decided to focus on innovation and consulting and roll out our road map to help develop farmers’ revenues and strengthen the performance of our activities. Lastly, we are strongly committed to producing renewable energy and reducing our carbon emissions.
Can you name a few key tangible actions that illustrate your CSR policy?
We have undertaken many CSR actions throughout our divisions. To implement them effectively, the Group interacts with its community of directors, member farmers, clients, employees, partners and consumers. These actions are subject to piloting and monitoring key performance indicators. For instance, we are strongly focusing on resource management (water, air, soil and energy) and the agroecological transition: 2.9% of farmers receive support in implementing HEV and organic initiatives and we offer a range of precision tools (Optiag’sat, Optiag’sol) to limit the use of input products and save water. Our consulting offers also help farmers reduce their use of input products by relying on new technologies and using alternative soil ploughing methods. The recovery rate of waste and by-products at our industrial sites stands at 97% – a further illustration of how we have improved our resource management. In addition, we offer consumers healthy, safe and sustainable products. This involves developing certifications – 79% of our food products have obtained Food Quality and Safety Certification – and labelling our sites and products. We are also helping to fight against animal cruelty and promote animal welfare thanks to the recent implementation of the Group’s charter. Furthermore, we are supporting employees in the cooperative’s transformations: the Agricultural Division’s farm advisors took part in a two-week training programme as part of Euralis’s decision to choose consulting. We also encourage career progression within the cooperative, with 59% of managerial positions filled internally.
Why is it important that a cooperative like Euralis is committed to a CSR policy?
As a key economic player, we have rights and responsibilities that we have to carry out with citizens and consumers and meet climate-related challenges. Consequently, social, economic and environmental aspects are at the heart of our social responsibility policy. Our customers ask us for “free-from products” and are increasingly demanding when it comes to agriculture and the agrifood sector. Meanwhile, investors want to see proof of our CSR commitments and they choose to invest in companies that fall within this dynamic. We can either stand by or adapt: at Euralis, we have chosen to turn CSR into an opportunity that feeds into our ambitions and helps us to plan ahead. This is the only way we can transform our agricultural practices, meet climate-related challenges, and produce high-quality food in sufficient quantities.