Stalaven STB 2021-2022 Financial Results


Thanks to its sustained development strategies, Stalaven STB is maintaining its level of profitability, which enables it to continue its industrial investments and recruitment policy.



For the 2021-2022 financial year, Stalaven STB has shown profitable growth despite a difficult context. This dynamic has continued for the third consecutive year, supported by a wave of recruitments and allowing the Brittany-based company to pursue industrial investments at the Yffiniac site as well as the curing sites.


The 2021-2022 financial year unfolded in a difficult context: in disrupted markets, store visits to independent food shops fell sharply, inflation was high and there were significant tensions over supplies. Despite this, after two years of strong growth, Stalaven STB managed to maintain its level of profitability over the financial year: gross turnover remained above 200 million euros. The two Business Units (Stalaven and Atelier Traiteur) reported an increase in net sales, mainly due to the good performance of salads (growing by more than 20%), dry-cured sausages and prepared meals. The Qualité Traiteur brand in particular performed well, with turnover up almost 10% over the course of the year.


Confirmed growth as a result of an effective strategy


This successful performance is the result of the effective implementation of Stalaven STB’s three main strategic axes. The first focuses on product superior quality and strives to ensure that the company’s flagship products are always the best. Consequently, consumer panels of some 4,000 testers have been regularly surveyed for over two years. Recipes may need to change in order to eventually reach the top of the podium. The second strategic axis is product differentiation. The aim is to satisfy consumers and propose more responsible products. This involves sourcing raw materials, searching for nutritional balance, working on the ecological quality of packaging, all while respecting the know-how and traditions that go into making the recipes. The last axis is innovation. The R&D teams have been heavily involved in launching new recipes, including in the individual prepared meal range (cottage pie, salmon gratin, etc.), savoury pastries (savoury cakes, croque-monsieur, etc.) and dry-cured meats (Teyssier chorizo and smoked sausages).


Major industrial investments

These product innovations are made possible thanks to ongoing industrial investments. While more than 10 million euros are being spent on renovating the savoury pastry workshop at the Yffiniac site, 3 million euros have been invested to ensure the ramp-up of the dry-curing workshop at Perpezac-le-Noir. “With these investments, we are improving the efficiency of our industrial tool: ergonomics are optimised for the operators at the workstations and working conditions have been improved. In addition, the equipment uses less energy and the quality of our products is even better”, highlights Rémi Thomas, General Manager of Stalaven STB.




Strong recruitment needs

To keep up with this momentum, Stalaven STB is continuing to recruit. Around fifty positions remain to be filled across all activities (sales, marketing, R&D, supply chain and delicatessen or dry-curing workshops) and on all sites. Recruitment needs are high at the Yffiniac factory, which is the company’s head office and main production site, particularly due to the age pyramid with several retirements planned in the coming months. “We are recruiting in all four workshops: charcuterie, prepared dishes, savoury pastries and salads, as well as support staff (marketing, maintenance, quality, procurement, logistics and business development). The profiles we are targeting vary. Above all, we are looking for candidates who want to evolve in our sector of activity, who are committed and who wish to take part in the company’s development project. Of course, everyone receives the necessary training for their job”, Bérengère de Beauregard, Human Resources Manager, explains.


Confirmed CSR commitments

Stalaven STB has established partnerships with key players in local employment and with national and local associations working in this field. In particular, the company wants to encourage the long-term unemployed to return to work and the hiring of people with disabilities. It also seeks to support the training and employability of young people. In addition, Stalaven STB is continuing its commitment to the most disadvantaged segment of the population; 200,000 meals were donated over the year to charities, including Restos du Cœur. “We have renewed our partnership with this association, which has a national scope”, highlights Rémi Thomas. “We also pay the utmost attention to students at campuses in Brittany, to whom we regularly hand out meals. In addition to this food donation policy, we advocate ‘zero waste’. Our employees are very aware of all these initiatives and are involved in them on a daily basis.”




About STB

We share the same passion for high-quality products with our clients and independent and local food retailers. Since 1945, we have designed and created charcuterie and fresh delicatessen products specially tailored to their needs. Our hams, terrines, dry-cured sausages, tabbouleh, soufflés, pastries, and gratins are made by skilled experts (butchers, chefs and pastry chefs, etc.) with the utmost respect for traditional cooking methods. To ensure a comprehensive service for our clients, we provide a close commercial follow-up, as well as deliveries every day and a range of services to help them host events within their establishments and boost turnover.

1,000 employees

Over €200 million in turnover – 3 production sites

2 exclusive dry-cured meat brands dedicated to independent food retailers: TEYSSIER (Ardèche) and PERPEZAC le NOIR (Corrèze)

1 brand dedicated to independent food retailers with specific products: STALAVEN

1 brand dedicated to supermarkets with specific products: QUALITE TRAITEUR