Stalaven STB continues to grow

Stalaven continues to grow

Stalaven STB has found a winning strategy, with turnover reaching nearly €200 million in the 2021-2021 financial year, up 11%.


This profitable growth can be explained by our strategy to update our product ranges, which began in 2019, supported by real efforts upstream on behalf of the R&D and innovation teams. The teams from each activity have worked tirelessly throughout the financial year to enhance the visual, organoleptic and nutritional properties of Stalaven’s finest recipes with thousands of consumers across France”, explains Rémi Thomas, CEO of STB. “We aim to meet growing consumer demand for delicious and authentic products, with an exclusive, high-quality product range that draws on our historic expertise in delicatessen and charcuterie meats.”

This remarkable performance can also be explained by the continued implementation of a new successful sales strategy. The sales teams successfully showcased these high-quality products and innovations to independent food retailers.


These local sales points attracted growing interest up until May 2021 due to the health crisis and they have benefited from:

– strong growth in store visits and household purchases,

– high interest in delicious and traditional products,

– the rising popularity of aperitifs, which have increased sausage sales,

– and growing demand for ready-to-eat products, which was a boon to our prepared dishes range in 2021.

Three of our product ranges thus witnessed very strong growth in the previous financial year:

savoury pastries, supported by our innovative and exclusive soufflé and classic recipes (including our vol-au-vent)

prepared dishes, particularly with the strong performance of our brand new duck confit parmentier

and sausages, with a remarkable year for the Ardèche-based Teyssier brand, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2021

Recruitments are underway to support our sales growth

The company continues to increase investments in its organisation, via skills development, internal promotions and external recruitment. It is once again recruiting around forty employees in all of its activities (sales, marketing, R&D, supply chain, as well as Delicatessen and Dry-Curing workshops) and sites.

The Yffiniac site (the headquarters of Stalaven and main production site) is also widely recruiting to support the growth of its activities and in response to its ageing employees, several of whom are retiring this year.

Around fifty additional full-time jobs are available, alongside the fifty or so recruitments carried out several months ago to fulfil 150 seasonal jobs. “We are recruiting in all four workshops: charcuterie, prepared dishes, savoury pastries and salads, as well as support staff (marketing, maintenance, quality, procurement and business development). The profiles we are targeting vary. Above all, we are looking for dedicated candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to progress in our sector activity and are ready to overcome numerous challenges to help us collectively succeed in our ambitions. Each of them will receive the necessary training for their new job”, explains Bérengère de Beauregard, Head of Human Resources.

A new dynamic supporting investment

The company’s strong growth will enable us to invest in production tools, with a major project at the main Yffiniac site, which comprises 4 workshops: savoury pastries, prepared dishes, salads and delicatessen meats.

A socially committed company

In the framework of its “Safety, Quality and Environment” charter, the 2021 financial year was marked by further partnerships with local key players, as well as local and national charities. Stalaven has developed partnerships promoting training and employment for young people, the long-term unemployed and people with disabilities. In addition, nearly 250,000 meals have been donated to local and national food charities and students in western France. Our employees are highly sensitive to this and are fully invested in it, alongside their daily activities”, explains Bérengère de Beauregard, Head of Human Resources.


About STB

We share the same passion for high-quality products with our clients and independent and local food retailers. Since 1945, we have designed and created charcuterie and fresh delicatessen products specially tailored to their needs. Our hams, terrines, dry-cured sausages, tabbouleh, soufflés, pastries, and gratins are made by skilled experts (butchers, chefs and pastry chefs, etc.) with the utmost respect for traditional cooking methods. To ensure a comprehensive service for our clients, we provide a close commercial follow-up, as well as deliveries every day and a range of services to help them host events within their establishments and boost turnover.

1,000 employees – €200 million in turnover – 3 production sites

2 exclusive dry-cured meat brands dedicated to independent food retailers: TEYSSIER (Ardèche) and PERPEZAC le NOIR (Corrèze)

1 brand dedicated to independent food retailers with specific products: STALAVEN

1 brand dedicated to supermarkets with specific products: QUALITE TRAITEUR


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