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Lidea designs and offers tailored, sustainable multi-species seed solutions close to our ecosystem, which create added value for producers all year round.


On 1 September 2020, Euralis Semences and the Caussade Semences Group merged to form Lidea, a seed company with an international scope.

Building on over 80 years of expertise and experience, Lidea has the resources to become the leading multi-species seed partner for farmers looking to boost their performance.


By drawing on its strong roots and nurturing the passion of employees and partners alike, Lidea joins the ranks of leading international seed producers by focusing on genetic innovation to provide European farmers with tailored solutions capable of meeting future agricultural challenges.


By investing in research and development, Lidea offers seed ranges and customised services that satisfy environmental regulations and members’ expectations, while ensuring the economic profitability of their farms. Drawing on its strong roots from the lab to the harvest, Lidea is resolutely innovative, attentive and a driving force for long-term solutions. Our member farmers, employees, partners, suppliers, and consumers expect us to make a positive economic, social and environmental contribution. 



Client satisfaction at the heart of our priorities

Client satisfaction at the heart of our priorities 

Lidea aims to satisfy clients, distributors and farmers alike by developing close-knit relations.

By listening to and understanding your needs we can support you and offer tailored solutions and personalised, alternative practices throughout the crop cycle.

Innovation as the main growth driver

Innovation as the main growth driver

Lidea’s success lies in its ability to supply high-performance seed varieties and solutions that meet the needs of farmers and all agricultural sectors worldwide. At the research level, implementing hi-tech structuring tools and predictive methods is key to Lidea’s innovation.

An international development strategy

An international development strategy

Internationalising its activities serves as a strategic growth lever. Lidea is already ranked in the top 10 field crop seed producers worldwide, and is present from the Atlantic coast to the Ural Mountains thanks to its 2,200 employees. Lidea currently comprises 16 subsidiaries, 8 production sites and 17 research stations and distributes seeds in 48 countries worldwide.

Industrial performance to produce high-quality seeds

Industrial performance to produce high-quality seeds

Operational excellence is a challenge that each employee strives for in all their activities, from seed selection to research, production and sales, in a bid to satisfy clients and meet their needs in terms of quality, services, costs and timeframes. By mastering the entire value chain, Lidea ensures the traceability of its seeds from the field to farmers and guarantees a high-quality end product.

Resolutely flexible, Lidea continuously improves its processes by pooling the expertise of its employees and partners, and above all by motivating them and highlighting the agricultural challenges of today and tomorrow.


Millions of € in turnover

Millions € dedicated to research each year

Years of selecting high-performance seed varieties

HA under production

Non-GMO soy breeder in Europe


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Caussade semences Pro

Caussade semences pro

  • Research and development in plant genetics and biotechnology
  • Production and sale of maize, sunflower, small grains, rapeseed, soya, sorghum, pulses, fodder and cover crops


Euralis Semences has launched a project to build a seed factory in Russia, located 470 kilometres south of Moscow, near Voronezh.

This site will cover at least 100 hectares : 20 hectares will be dedicated to a factory and warehouses while 80 hectares will house a research and selection centre, as well as an agro-centre showcasing our technological and marketing innovations.

The site, which is expected to be up and running for the 2021 campaign, will boast an annual production capacity of 10,000 tonnes of seeds and create approximately one hundred permanent jobs. Both a guarantee of longevity on the Russian market and a real competitiveness driver, this new facility will meet all Euralis Semences’ quality requirements to satisfy clients. The aim is to increase sales in Russia twofold, from 500,000 units to 1 million units by 2025.


In support of the French oleaginous sector, our activities are focused specifically on researching genetic characteristics of interest with a direct application in terms of selection.