Pierre Pages, new President at the Head of SORGHUM ID

The Board of Directions of the association SORGHUM ID elected Pierre Pagès President of the organisation. Since 2017, SORGHUM ID has been working to develop the European sorghum sector.


Pierre Pagès is a producer of seeds of maize, sunflower and soybean. He also grows sorghum and other grains in the South-West of France. Present on the Board of Directors of the interprofessional association SORGHUM ID since its creation in 2017, he represents and chairs the FNPSMS (the French National Federation of Maize and Sorghum Seed Production). In addition, he is Vice President of Euralis, President of Lidea, and committed as Vice President of SEMAE, the French interprofessional organisation for seeds and plants. Pierre Pagès now hopes to continue the activities that his predecessor, Daniel Peyraube, carried out; he held this position since the association’s creation and remains an active member of SORGHUM ID’s Board of Directors.


A grain adapted to climate change
The 5th most-consumed grain globally, used for human food, cattle-feed production and energy production, Sorghum’s production is growing in Europe, as evidenced by the European areas observed in recent years, which average around 260,000 ha. This increase in areas is explained by sorghum’s good adaptation to climate change, a major issue for farmers and society now more than ever. Moreover, within the current economic-inflation context, this grain is proving to be relevant due to its input and water efficiency, and its low pest exposure.


An active and committed sector
The European and interprofessional organisation for sorghum SORGHUM ID groups together some thirty organisations and companies who represent various components of the European sector: production, research, food and industrial opportunities. Aiming to unite and mobilise all the actors to create a group dynamic, the association acts to develop European sorghum production and its hybrid gene. SORGHUM ID also represents and defends sorghum’s interests in the European courts and States and, at the same time, carries out promotional activities demonstrating sorghum’s technical and economic benefits at production level, as well as its uses and opportunities. Sorghum is a real crop of the future, and currently, a global reflection on sorghum research, innovation and industry is taking place. As a major actor in this sector, SORGHUM ID will participate in and speak at the second World Sorghum Conference, taking place from 5 to 8 June 2023 in Montpelier. For more information, visit:


The new President Pierre Pagès stated, “We must continue the efforts to promote sorghum and add value to the work of the entire sector that is working to give sorghum its rightful place in Europe. I hope SORGHUM ID continues to develop the European sector by becoming structured through research, production and adding value to its opportunities.”