In the unprecedented situation linked to the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, Euralis is mobilizing. In the front line, our cooperative remains present at all stages of the food chain, from upstream to downstream.

We are thus implementing our business  plan to continue our operations, with two priorities: ensuring the safety and health of our employees and farmers while continuing agricultural and food production. Our mission is to ensure the continuous supply of food to our fellow citizens in compliance with the measures set by the Health Authorities. This is a mission of primary necessity and all Euralis farmers and employees have mobilised to fulfil it. Thus our teams first and foremost support farmers, informing them in real time, ensuring their supplies and advising them, in the field or remotely. Our teams are also working in the factories to ensure the satisfactory operation.

We are fully aware that we are responsible for the procurement of the food  for our fellow- citizens. And we will remain mobilized, as long as necessary.