How do you promote the development of organic agriculture?

The Euralis group has been committed to organic agriculture since 1999 and boasts several dedicated organisations, including Agri Bio, an organic cooperative union in Southwest France, of which it is one of the founders. Agri Bio is a key French player in the collection and sale of 40 plant species, both for animal feed and human consumption, and all of its partner wholesalers and cooperatives (including Acteo (Vivadour), Alcor (Terres du Sud), Alliance Occitane (Arterris), CoopAgribio, Euralis and Maïsadour) have access to an array of 15 silos and over 20 pooling platforms open only during collection times. 

Euralis also supports more than 400 farmers in Southwest France who have chosen to convert to organic agriculture. The Group has thus strengthened its organisation with teams of dedicated advisors and researchers who identify and recommend the most appropriate solutions when choosing to go organic and develop their business. Euralis has also formed partnerships with key players in several sectors to create added value for farmers’ products.  As a result, the cooperative is present in the production of more than 10,000 ha of grains, oilseed and seed crops, over 750 ha of field vegetables, as well as in poultry and cattle farming (165,000/year).