Jean Menvielle passed away

Jean Menvielle accidentally died at the age of 68. He was for many years Director of Contractual Production at Euralis, while also holding the position of Operations Director at the Seed Division.

Untiring, always committed to the service of the Cooperative, he was been involved throughout his career to developing contract production.


With a solid background in agricultural engineering, this man of Estos (64), son of a farmer, has patiently structured and built up the Euralis Group’s seed « local relays », which are essential to ensure the sustainability of this production in the south-west.

Jean has made a major contribution to the development of the vegetable sector in partnership with famous food industry brands Géant Vert and Bonduelle. Here again,
he helped to organise a producers’ organisation while ensuring the interests of the members and of Euralis Group.

Jean was also a major player in the establishment of Euralis group in Ukraine in the early 2000s. For years he structured and supervised the progress and development of production in this area.

Jean’s investment was not only in plants, he was also behind the creation of the poultry business within Euralis Group in the early 1990s.

A builder, Jean was also a knowledge and experience broker. He taught his rigour and high standards to many generations of employees. He was also involved in the seed interprofession. He was a member of the Union
Française des Semenciers (UFS), Vice-President of the FNPSMS (Fédération Nationale de la Production des Semences de Maïs et de Sorgho).

His energy, his strong character and his humanity, but also, and above all, his love of the farming world, have always led to his actions and left a deep impression on those who
had the chance to work with him.

“His strength of conviction, his attachment to people, to encounters, and the special humanity that characterised him have all left a deep mark on us. We just want to thank him for everything he brought to Euralis”, said Christophe Congues and Philippe Saux.

The members of the Board of Directors and Executive Management as well as the employees of Euralis send their most sincere condolences to his family.