The shareholders of EURALIS Semences and CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group signed the merger agreement between the two companies on the 19th of June.

Les actionnaires d’EURALIS Semences et de CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group ont signé le vendredi 19 juin l’accord de rapprochement des deux entreprises.

This project, which began in July 2019, will take effect on September 1st, 2020. This new entity aims to become a key European player in seeds thanks to its complementarity, its multi-crops offer, and its network of producers and industrial tools in France and Europe.
With a turnover of 350 million euros and 2,000 employees, the new entity will join the top 10 Global Field Seed Companies with leading positions in certain crops.
In a competitive market, this merger will enable farmers in southwestern France to secure their production, pursue the R&D (currently 31 million euros are spent annually by the two companies), and industrial investments necessary to develop their activities and thus strengthen their market positions.
EURALIS Semences and CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group have 8 production sites in France, Romania, Ukraine, Spain, and soon in Russia.
The competition authorities of the four countries concerned (France, Romania, Ukraine, and Russia) have also issued a favorable and unconditional opinion on this merger.
For Philippe Saux and Pierre Flye Sainte Marie respectively CEO of EURALIS and CEO of CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group: “during our discussions since July 2019, we have noted that our two companies present many complementarities in terms of crops, industrial facilities, and markets. In a highly competitive market where mergers have accelerated in recent years, it is essential that we unite to maintain critical mass. This merger will allow us to continue our development in our current markets but also new territories”.
For Christophe Congues and Jean-Claude Virenque, respectively President Delegate of EURALIS and President of CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group: “we are delighted with this merger. It constitutes a project for the development of our territories. It strengthens our capacity for innovation by integrating sustainable and profitable solutions that meet the new expectations of agriculture and enable European farmers to develop their farms”.
The organization and governance of the future entity will be communicated on September 1st.
The new entity in key figures
● 2,000 Employees
● 350 million euros of turnover
● 8 production sites + 1 site being built in Russia
● 17 research stations throughout Europe
● 45,000 hectares of production areas in 5 countries.
● Active on the different crops: maize, sunflower, rapeseed, straw cereals, fodders, soya, sorghum, dried vegetables.