Euralis Holding and Lidea have partnered up with Adapei 64

On 24 September, the Association Départementale des Parents et Amis de Personnes Handicapées Mentales des Pyrénées-Atlantiques (Adapei) will celebrate its 60th anniversary. For the occasion, a large festive gathering shall take place at the Zénith Concert Hall in Pau. Euralis Holding and Lidea are among the event’s partners.

Founded in 1962 to meet the needs of children with learning disabilities and their families, Adapei 64 has 40 establishments welcoming over 1,800 people of all ages and disabilities. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the association is organising Ze singulier festival, a fun and festive day out for non-disabled and disabled persons alike. Stands and artistic activities (games, performances) are on the agenda from 1pm to 5pm, followed by 3 concerts (Sangria gratuite, Cali and Les Têtes raides) from 5pm onwards.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to promote the association to the general public and change people’s attitudes towards disabilities. It also highlights the strong social commitments of Euralis and Lidea, as well as those of all the event’s partners, both economic players and institutions. This sponsorship falls alongside Euralis’s CSR policy regarding disabilities, which includes adapting workstations and partnerships with appropriate structures (vocational rehabilitation centres, specialised interim agencies), for instance.

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