Today, Christian Pèes, the President of Euralis, informed the Euralis Board he would be unavailable for the next months due to ill health.


In agreement with the Bureau, he proposed to the Euralis Board to appoint Christophe Congues as President Delegate to preside over the Board in his absence.


The Euralis Board gathered today. It also renewed its confidence in Philippe Saux as the Group’s Chief Executive Officer to lead the company with the Executive Committee and all the employees.


« We are putting in place an organization to ensure the continuity of the governance of the Euralis Group. I know Christophe Congues, with the full support of the members of the Bureau and the Euralis Board, will be able to take the helm of the Group in the exceptional circumstances we are currently experiencing » indicates Christian Pèes


Christophe Congues, who is 47 years old, produces seed maize, kiwifruit and tabacco in Moumour (64). To date, he was president of the Sud Aquitaine Territorial Commission and delegated president of the Agricultural Division.