Euralis and IntHy join forces

Created by the Euralis group, Eurasolis aims to become a key player in renewable energy production in Southwest France. To achieve this, Euralis has created a network of privileged partners. 


Euralis has joined forces with IntHy, a renewable energy producer and distributor, to accelerate the development of Eurasolis. IntHy and Euralis are thus both shareholders of Eurasolis.

Thanks to them, Eurasolis has strengthened its capacity to invest in solar energy projects. Eurasolis continues to build on its existing activities, namely rooftop installations, while expanding its ground-mounted and agrivoltaics offers in the coming months.

Eurasolis is a great example of a joint regional approach where key players from the agricultural sector work together to meet two basic needs: food and energy Dominique Darne, President of the IntHy Group, stated.

A firm believer that energy is a major challenge for the future of the agricultural sector, IntHy aims to make green energy a long-term economic pillar of farms and agricultural cooperatives in the regions where it operatesNicolas Bach, CEO of the IntHy Group, explained.


Euralis is driven by three main missions: food, society and energy production. Working with IntHy therefore logically falls within our cooperative’s development strategy” Christophe Congues, President of the Euralis Group, said.


As a cooperative, we support the economic development of our regions. It was therefore only natural for Eurasolis to participate in the acceleration of renewable energy production and contribute to the energy transition Laurent Dubain, CEO of Euralis’s Agricultural Division, stated.


About IntHy

IntHy, an innovative player in the energy transition, offers renewable energy and low-carbon mobility solutions to its clients and partners in the regions where it operates. Drawing on its recognised industry expertise, the group aims to produce local and competitive renewable energy (solar, wind, hydrogen) by offering a redistributive model in partnership with local key players to boost the az


IntHy offers an integrated approach throughout the production life cycle (from development to operation, with a long-term investment strategy) and boasts technological expertise combined with software solutions dedicated to piloting and optimising projects of varying scales.


About Euralis

Driven by its three main missions – food, society and energy production – the Euralis cooperative group operates in several areas:

  • seeds (Lidea): It is involved in the research, production and sale of certified seeds (sweetcorn, sunflower, rapeseed, sorghum and soya) via the Lidea and Caussade Semences Pro brands.
  • agriculture: It supports 9,000 farmers in Southwest France in all aspects of their crop and livestock production, from collection to sale. It also operates in the retail distribution circuit thanks to its Point Vert stores, and sells its food products via “Table des Producteurs” short distribution channels.
  • food: It processes and sells its duck and foie gras products via the Maison Montfort and Rougié brands. It also supports local shops with its Stalaven delicatessen activities and Teyssier dry-cured meats.

Over the course of the 2022 financial year, Euralis generated 1.64 billion euros in turnover. It currently has 5,200 employees in 16 countries.



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