Agricultural activities


Euralis, Agricultural Activities - Cattle

The Euralis cooperative’s agricultural activities include livestock and plant production in Southwest France, carbon-free energy production, grain collection and marketing, as well as services and consulting to help farmers transition towards sustainable, multifaceted agriculture.


They also comprise 73 Point Vert self-service stores.

Managing entire sectors to safeguard and optimise farmers’ revenues

The cooperative group has created a new economic model for member farmers. It now offers personalised support to help safeguard farmers’ revenues thanks to consulting and other innovative services, as well as efficient, responsible sectors.

These high value-added sectors support farmers in the transition towards sustainable agriculture.

To create them, Euralis first identified key downstream markets in which consumers expect traceability, food safety and eco-friendly production systems.


SIREN 394 160 576 – Approval n°AQ00715 for strategic and/or specific advice on phytopharmaceutical products.

Agricultural activities in figures

Millions € net turnover



farmers engaged in an environmental approach

Label Rouge chicken breeders 

 photovoltaic projects in progress

 Cooperative members

 tons of grain sold (maize, small grains, oleaginous seeds)

Farmers from southwest France represented in 39 “Table des Producteurs” aisles

Cows breeders

Millions Label Rouge birds

Tons of maizes sold to BSO Lacq (southwest France) to produce bioethanol fuel


Groupe Euralis - Activités agricoles - La Table des Producteurs

The Table des Producteurs

Groupe Euralis - Activités agricoles - Point Vert

Point Vert

Our professions

  • Livestock production in Southwest France (poultry, duck, cattle), and crops (grains, oilseeds, vegetables, kiwis).
  • Grain supply, collection and sale
  • Energy production : support for photovoltaic and agrivoltaic projects, with a complete range of services
  •  Supporting farmers in Southwest France via agricultural advice from experts and farm advisors
  • Supporting breeders in Southwest France: managing animal feed and food autonomy at farms, organising production workshops, managing the construction of livestock buildings for housing cattle, poultry, ducks and geese
  • Carbon-free energy production : support for photovoltaïc and agrivoltaïc projects, with a complete range of services
  • Distributing products to farmers and the general public: gardening, pet care and food products in the “Table des Producteurs” aisles of Point Vert stores.
Euralis, Agricultural Activities - Un Silo


Bonduelle partenaire Euralis
Géant Vert
Partenaire Eualis - Géant Vert
Sanders Euralis
Partenaire Eualis - Sanders Euralis
SCAAP Kiwifruits de France
Partenaire Eualis - Scaap Kiwifruits


Groupe Euralis - Activités agricoles - Nos services
Terrevive le Web
Terrevive le Fil

Terre Vive Le Web

Extranet dedicated to Euralis members (providing information on activities, markets, regulations, etc.)

Terre Vive le Fil

Customer service hotline for Euralis members (Terre Vive Le Fil advisors support in-the-field technicians and respond to farmers’ technical and administrative queries on a daily basis)

Agro clic


A digital traceability and plot management tool

opti AG sol

Opti’Ag Sol

Precision agriculture tool using soil mapping

Opti AG Sat

Opti’Ag Sat

Precision agriculture tool using satellite images

Groupe Euralis - Photovoltaisme

Photovoltaic building offer

Supporting farmers with turnkey projects adapted to their needs (design, installation, purchasing equipment, maintenance and daily monitoring). Possible third-party investment projects if the farmer does not or cannot invest.

Agrivoltaic offer

Valorization of agricultural land in support of the animal or plant agricultural production project. Eurasolis develops the project, finances it, carries it out and operates it.


Groupe Euralis -Haute Valeur Environnementale

HEV certification

Helping members implement High Environmental Value (HEV) certification at their farms


Regulatory proceedings Helping members

with CAP declarations, logging and compliance of practices (traceability), provisional fertiliser and spraying plans, etc.

Groupe Euralis - Adivalor


 Euralis organises the collection of empty packaging (Big Bags, bags, bottles, containers), used plastic (film, twine and round bale nets) and hazardous, expired waste (unusable products and PPE).

Proxagri et Distrialis


Express seed delivery tool offered by the Distrialis service

E-commerce site for Euralis’ Agricultural Activities