A Day dedicated to energy

A day dedicated to energy was organised at the cooperative’s headquarters in Lescar, celebrating the one-year anniversary of Eurasolis – Euralis’s solar energy sector dedicated to farmers wishing to invest in and produce energy.


The event was an opportunity for employees to take stock of the Group’s initiatives in favour of the energy transition via testimonials from those who carry them out with pride and commitment every day. Several key players took part. The Agricultural Division’s Eurasolis team explained how it supports the 50 or so farmers who have already signed up for solar panel projects. Olivier Rebenne, Head of Energy at the Group’s Development Department, discussed the “Energieless” project (energy conservation plan, energy efficiency improvement plan and renewable energy production plan). Lastly, the CSR department, represented by Paulo Rodrigues, outlined the efforts undertaken to green the Group’s vehicle fleet by embarking on bioethanol and electric vehicle initiatives. All in all, it was a successful event that brought everyone together!