Stalavan promotes artisanal expertise among independent food retailers.

We share the same passion for high-quality produce with our clients, independent and local companies, such as butchers, charcuteries and delicatessens, bakeries, wine retailers and restaurants. Since 1945, we have designed and created charcuterie and fresh delicatessen products in our dedicated workshops.

Our hams, terrines, dry-cured sausages, tabbouleh, soufflés, pastries, and bakes are all developed by skilled experts (butchers, chefs and pastry chefs, etc.) with the utmost respect for traditional cooking methods.

To ensure a comprehensive service for our customers, we provide a very close commercial follow-up, with deliveries every week, and a range of services to help them host events within their establishments, in order to boost turnover.

The story of a charcuterie-delicatessen pioneer like no other.

It all started in 1945 when Jean Stalaven took over the family-run charcuterie in Bourbriac (western France) and started offering customers a charcuterie selection, which proved to be a huge success, first in Brittany, then in the Paris area. In light of this, Jean Stalaven proceeded to invest in a small fleet of refrigerated vans.

In the 60s, Jean Stalaven established a charcuterie workshop in Saint-Brieuc and started marketing his products throughout France to independent retailers, while promoting the charcutier trade by creating a charcuterie CAP (French certificate of professional competence) with the support of the Chamber of Trades.

In the 80s, the charcutier, Jean Stalavan expanded his activities to the delicatessen market. He was the first in his trade to offer a range of delicatessen products, including salads, savoury pastries, freshly prepared dishes, etc., which enabled his clients to adapt to the new “ready meal” market trend.

In 2010, Jean Stalaven joined the Euralis Group. Together, they continued to broaden the company’s expertise with the acquisition of the salt-cured meat specialist Teyssier in 2018, whose skills are recognised by the Living Heritage Company label.

Exclusively available to the independent food service industry

Stalaven designs and creates higher quality products compared to those sold in supermarkets. Its charcuterie, dry cured sausages and delicatessen recipes are made in workshops in Perpezac Le Noir (Corrèze), Saint Agrève (Monts d’Ardèche Regional Natural Park) and Yffiniac (Brittany) by specialist butchers, charcutiers, chefs and pastry chefs.

Every day, over 150 sales representatives support local independent food retailers directly or over the phone.

A fleet of 100 refrigerated vans travel all over France providing deliveries from A to B.

We offer a wide range of services to help our clients boost turnover, including in-store promotional events based on seasonal themes, personalised merchandising advice (shop organisation, comprehensive product range analysis, store window and POS displays, tasting kits, etc.), tasting stands for dry cured meats, visits to our production workshops, etc.


A combination of artisanal expertise and innovation

At Stalaven, we are dedicated to making high-quality products. We respect French culinary and charcuterie traditions by offering products from many different horizons, sometimes with a twist, which are always recognised for their authenticity.

Our charcuterie has been awarded 31 medals at the Paris International Agricultural Show since 2008, including 11 medals over the past 2 years for our dry cured sausages, terrines, pork head sausages, and smoked garlic sausages.

Our savoury pastries are renowned for their irresistibly crispy golden-brown home-made butter puff pastry made by our bakers and pastry specialists.

Our passion for good food goes hand in hand with our ability to adapt to market demands, with consumers seeking products that are both delicious and healthy: our Innovation team, made up of eight chefs, created hams with 25% less salt, dry cured sausages with 20-30% less fat, charcuterie free from nitrates, and more recently, an oven-cooked turkey fillet, prepared according to traditional delicatessen methods, which is consumed like ham.

We are proud of our products and regularly undertake consumer trials: over 1,000 consumers test our products each year (through an independent survey company), which enables us to strengthen our reputation as a brand supplying emblematic recipes, including cooked hams, salads and delicious starters, all renowned for their outstanding taste.

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