Presentation of Euralis Group

Euralis has been a pioneering company since its foundation. As a benchmark player in agriculture and food processing, Euralis invests its skills where its assets offer the greatest potential.

Our 5,000 employees are committed to a development plan ambitious enough to cope with all the major food, economic and demographic changes we shall face over the coming decades. 

Our aim is to achieve a sustainable increase in incomes for our 12,000 farming members in the South West, by developing production methods where the demand for quality and excellence of flavour sits comfortably alongside the challenge to produce in quantity.

Our four expert divisions support those working in the food and farming industry in France and in 13 countries around the world.


Our spirit of partnership makes us listen and develop a particularly strong local relationship with our customers.

The Euralis Group is organised around 4 Divisions to support the development of all agricultural and food industry professionals, offering goods and services which meet their needs and those of our markets.

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Market leader in several sectors

The Euralis group is now :

  • World leading producer of foie gras
  • Leading local supplier of deli foods in France
  • A major European player in the maize market
  • One of the leading European seed producers


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  • €1,544 bn gross sales
  • €15,1 m operating profit
  • €2,2 m net profit
  • 5 105 employees
  • 12 000 members