On 1 September 2014, Philippe Saux was named Managing Directorof Euralis’ Seed Division. He replaces Roger Catala who wanted to make use of his entitlement to end-of-career leave whilst continuing in a role of Director of strategic projects alongside the new Managing Director.

From September 2013, Philippe Saux was the Assistant Managing Director of the Seed Division. Having trained as an agronomic engineer, Philippe, 49 years of age, has worked within the Seed Division for the majority of his professional life.

He began his career in research, first in France then in Spain. In 1995, he took over the reins of the Spanish subsidiary before moving back to France to head the sales and marketing department.

In 2004, he took over at the South Europe Business Unit as well as the Division’s control and systems department.

As Managing Director of the Seed Division, Philippe Saux is a member of the Euralis Cooperative Group’s Executive Committee


Seed Division: Euralis’ Seed Division is one of Europe’s leading seed producers: maize, sunflower, rapeseed, sorghum and soya seed. It turns over more than 170 million euros and has a workforce of 1200. The Division invests 13% of its turnover in research and development and covers 21,000 ha of seed production.

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